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final blog post

So I forgot the last blog post is supposed to sum up this semester, so today is your lucky day! you get TWO posts from me!  Where to start? hmmm…. well I guess I’ll start with my favorite assignment.  That is definitely the inspiration project.  It was so cool taking something I enjoy and making a graphic organizer out of it.  I’m 22 years old and I still don’t know how I learn best.  I guess it depends on the context.  But when I’m given an assignment that asks me to compare things, like I did with the inspiration project, I totally got into making a visual representation.  I also learned about so many things that existed on the internet that I couldn’t even conceptualize before being introduce to them.  Take for example, voicethread.  That was another fun assignment.  I really enjoyed getting to discuss a fun topic.  I never thought of there being software that could combine audio, visual, and allow for responses in such an easy-to-set-up fashion.  The ideas behind these software programs seems simple but again, it never occurred to me that they existed.  Finally, the podcast was suppperrr cool.  I really enjoyed the assignments where I was allowed to talk about whatever interested me.  It didn’t feel like the typical assignment where I was asked to just spit out information that I was able to remember.  It was application.  Obviously I’m not going to remember how to do everything I learned in this class five years from now when I’m a teacher.  But I did learn about resources where I can find the information I need to use voicethread, garageband, and inspiration on the internet.  I guess that’s what I really took away from this course: what’s out there and how to the find the information I need to use it.  I’m thinking about keeping this blog going, but making it a little more random.  I enjoy playing the guitar, talking about philosophy and just having general discussions.  Maybe I can start incorporating that stuff into my blog and keep the process rolling.  As hard as it is to believe the semester is already over, I am ready for the break! This class was not just about learning facts like so many courses are, but how to apply them.


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  1. Some of the same projects you enjoyed, I enjoyed as well! Although I didn’t use Inspiration for my project work, but rather Kidspiration, it still works the same! I can see myself incorporating Kidspiration, Voice Thread and Podcasting into the curriculum.

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