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Skype Interview

Sorry about the delay on the post! It’s been a crazy couple weeks of assignments.  So I didnt hear back from the guy I originally wanted to interview so I decided to Skype my aunt who is a teacher in Florida.  We had a really interesting conversation on why she became a teacher.  Our conversation only lasted for about 10 minutes but I learned a lot about what it takes to be a good teacher and why one would want to go into the field.  She said the reason she became a teacher is because she loves kids.  She wanted to help them.  Growing up, she didn’t know she wanted to be a teacher.  Instead, she thought she wanted to be a doctor, but when she was 19 she got a job working at a daycare and realized she wanted to work with children.  I told her the reason I wanted to be a teacher was because I remember how hard being an adolescent could be sometimes and that I wanted to help students through those difficult times and help them reach their full potential.  She said she believed in that idea and that to her, education is about teaching values.  I asked her how much she uses technology in her classroom and she said not a whole lot.  she said that she had not received much instruction on how to use the technology that is in the school and that because of her age it’s just not something she is familiar with.  My aunt feels that she is a successful teacher and the reason for her success is that she is constantly revising her lessons.  Every year she takes the lessons she has from the previous years and looks at her notes of what worked and what didn’t work and adjusted accordingly.  I think this is really important.  Although I’ve already heard that you need to revise your practice, you can’t just stagnate in your profession.  To be the biggest help to your students you need to do what will be best for them and that requires reflection and adaptation.   


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  1. adunn7

    Mike, I agree with a lot of the sentiments of you and your aunt. In some ways I feel teaching is a calling. To be a great teacher, you must really love your students, want to help people and keep reinventing/revising the way you teach and your instruction itself. Maybe you can give your aunt some cool suggestions on how to incorporate more technology in her classes next year, now that you’re an expert! ;-)

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